Sanma Ramen…

Day 169:

Last night, I received an email from Brian inviting me to meet an unnamed person from an unnamed company with an unnamed job to interview us along with Nate for an unnamed purpose. I know you’re gonna hate me for this, but that’s all I can reveal at this time. In any case, we all met up in Ikebukuro at Soushinmenan Kissui to try their popular Sanma (Pike fish) Ramen.

Hmm…the soup tasted exactly like I was eating shio-yaki Sanma. Although it was an unfamiliar flavor for ramen, the soup had a nice balance. But beware! If you don’t like Pike fish, you will definitely not like this ramen because the aroma straight up hits you in the face.

The egg is supposedly marinated in red wine, but any evidence of this was masked by the overpowering sanma.

The noodles are from Mikawaya Seimen and really matched well with the soup. I’m pretty sure I’ve sampled these exact same noodles before.

Neko Ramen was too busy being jealous to even comment on this great ramen.

Please stay tuned…

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