Three a day…

Day 170:

Sometimes I feel like eating ramen all day long. Okay wait, I’m lying. MOST of the time I feel like eating ramen all day long. Today just happened to be one of those days. When I woke up, I headed straight to my moms favorite Chinese restaurant to slurp their Gomoku Tanmen.

Then met up with some friends in Shinjuku and somehow got coaxed into eating this insanely overrated and expensive parfait. To put it in perspective, it was like throwing three bowls of ramen down the drain.

To cleanse myself of that madness I headed out to my best friends favorite joint–Bankara.

Kotteri Shoyu Ramen, just how I like it.

This ramen was awesome. I have just one word of advice though. Don’t eat this ramen immediately after eating a fru fru parfait. Your stomach will hate you.

But it’ll forgive you once you down a bowl of this…

I probably would have done four if the day didn’t have to end.

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