A fight to the death…

Day 172:

With Brian acting as Tokyo’s newest ambassador to ramen, I forced myself to get out of bed (after only four hours of sleep) to meet up with a group of ramen fiends at Fukumen in Jimbocho for a fight to the death. Joining me and Brian were Rick (aka Rameniac), Daniel from Modern Day Deity, and Monica from my rival high school.

Fukumen is part of the Ganko family and actually run by the man himself. Every month or so they serve a special ramen for one day and one day only that’s open to everyone. On weekdays this shop requires that you show a “members only” card in order to enter. Today’s special ramen was appropriately titled Fukumen Death Match.

A shio ramen made with chicken, oysters, and cuttlefish that is topped with fried oysters and sea turtle eggs.

At first I thought this death match ramen was gonna turn into some sort of ping-pong match. But then I realized that those weren’t ping-pongs…they were the actual sea turtle eggs. Crazy!


The sea turtle eggs had an oozy crunch to them that was new to my mouth but great. If I had a beer, I could probably snack on them forever.

The fried oysters were plump and juicy. I could snack on these all day too.

The actual ramen was a bit on the salty side, but outstanding nonetheless. Consider this ramen killed.

Afterward, we went to go grab some bad ass coffee, but the place was closed.

So I settled for some cheesecake and iced tea at the coffee shop near Bassanova.

That fight was exhausting, but back to work I go.

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