The best green curry so far…

Day 173:

Since my mom would be leaving back to the states tomorrow, we decided to go grab some sushi for lunch. Though not as fun as grabbing a bowl together, eating sushi with my mom is a close second. Thanks mom, have a safe flight back!

Every batch of green curry comes out slightly different. The ingredients are the same, but there’s a special technique used to control its spiciness. Our last two batches came out a tad spicier than usual, but this batch has got to be the best so far since I’ve started.

I would say it’s perfect, but then I still think ‘our best’ is still out there…

2 Replies to “The best green curry so far…”

  1. sushi!!! Which best sushi are you prefer Japan or States? I heard Japan don't like California Rolls, is that true? Is there specialty roll in Japan like did in Sates? I heard from my friend Mori, from Chiba Prefecture, who is student at CSUN (California State University in Northridge). We went to Ramen Nippon in Reseda, CA last week.

    Ramen Nippon is the best ramen by Better Business Directory.
    They're doing well!

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