The blind mole…

Day 177:

I pass through Okinawa Town at least once a day.

And everyday I see this ramen shop with its funny signs, wondering when I’ll have the desire to give them a try.

So today I stopped, read the signs, and was lured in by this bag full of daikon (Japanese radish) that is used in their Mogura (mole) Tsukemen. Don’t worry, there aren’t any moles in the soup. It’s just a way of describing how you have to dig through the grated daikon when dipping your noodles in the soup.

Aside from being some dude’s studio apartment converted into a ramen shop, the interior was pretty dope. The 6-person counter had a fish tank underneath with actual fish.


Okay, I’m not much of a fan of 大根おろし (grated daikon) so I’d have to say that I did not enjoy this tsukemen one bit. I was definitely not prepared for it. The noodles came warm and the tsuke-jiru (soup) had ice cubes in it. It was very odd.

But I’m a trooper and I still managed to eat it all, knowing that I would never have to eat it again. If you like spicy daikon though, you’ll probably love this. It just wasn’t for me.

Back at work the Mikawaya Seimen rep came by to drop off some more samples. And I even got to talk noodles with him for several minutes. Notice how yellow those noodles on the left are? Apparently they use some type of vitamin to get it that yellow. Interesting…

I also asked if they are able to ship their noodles to the States. He said of course………

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