A packed house…

Day 183:

I gotta give thanks to my family for coming in to Bassanova tonight and filling up the place. It was an awesome feeling just to have almost every seat filled by a relative. I would have loved to take a picture, but soon after they left we got extremely busy for the next 3 hours. And when we get busy, things like this happen. haha.

On our way home, we got reeled in by Mr. Nandenkanden and chatted about ramen until the sun came up. The dude is a effin cool guy! I even got him to divulge some of his secrets.

Since the sun was already up and we were all starving, it was off to Nakau for some udon. There’s nothing like eating udon and karaage at 6am with a beer.

Even though Nandenkanden is our biggest rival, I think it’s cool that we can hang out with the boss every now and then.

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