Making memories…

Day 184:

Some might say I eat too much ramen, but I still think I don’t eat enough. I guess that’s why they also think I’m crazy. Well, I worked out pretty hard for two hours this morning and instead of going home I decided to explore Kōshū Kaidō in the other direction. That’s when I found a branch of Kitakata Bannai calling my name. Having been to Kitakata, I’m not too sure that this place is such a good representative. Nevertheless, it was an appropriate bowl at the appropriate time.

For dinner, I met up with my brothers in Honancho for some yakitori. The highlight of the dinner (as it always is when we go here) was the cheese-covered bacon skewers.

The night is never complete without some karaoke. Especially when the three of us rarely get a chance to hang out together. Making memories indeed!

After singing my ass off, I headed out to Omoide Yokocho in Shinjuku to meet up with another blogger who recently emailed me to meet up. Take from recommended a place that makes their own noodles.

Wakatsuki is no joke. For only 450 yen a bowl, it’s even more amazing. I think I’ve found a new fave. uh oh…

Damn, just look at those noodles!

Yup, crazy noodleholics we are indeed.

And what is a night in Shinjuku without a bowl from Hakata Tenjin.

Or Bankara.

At least we didn’t go to Jiro.


3 Replies to “Making memories…”

  1. dang.. I've been drooling over the photos of wakatsuki since you posted this. I'm definitely hitting it up on the way home tonight 😀

  2. Wish I could ramen everyday too but no way would I be as skinny as you! :p

  3. re: karaoke pic…the look on everyone's face is awesome.

    and i for one don't think you're crazy for eating gallons of ramen or wanting more.

    just come home soon, k?

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