The ramen lineage…

Day 186:

Nowadays, almost every ramen shop is a direct descendant of another more popular shop. It usually means that the owner/chef of the new shop trained at the more popular shop. Ryo Tan Tei in Suginami-ku is a perfect example. The owner here trained at Tan Tan Tei in Hamadayama.

I thought the wontons at Tan Tan Tei were really good so of course I had to order the Wonton Men here.

The ramen is simple and definitely not as good as its parent.

But the wontons are bomb! Seriously, these wontons need some recognition.

Meanwhile at the nearby supermarket I spotted some digital price tags. I thought they were cool cuz I’ve never seen any in the states.

Anyway, we had a record day at Bassanova today. It may have been because Golden Week was winding down, but for the first time since I’ve been there it was non-stop busy. In a two-hour span we sold over 80 bowls of ramen. Whew, what a night!

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