A show of support…

Day 188:

If you’ve been a long time follower of my blog, you may have noticed that I took down all the ads from my site quite some time ago. If you ask me why, for the most part, (1) because this is my personal blog that I just happen to share with the world and (2) I refuse to make money by redirecting my readers to lame ass sites that make you buy instant noodles. Anyhow, although money has been tight lately I still refuse to put up any ads or take any sort of donations from followers of my blog to help me continue my dream. Just having you visit my blog is more than enough for me. But if you still feel compelled to show your support in some way, I have the perfect solution. A friend of mine has been living with Lupus for most of her life and it would be greatly appreciated if you can support her in this years Walk For Lupus Now. Thank you!

Having exhausted almost all the good ramen shops in my neighborhood, I finally headed out to Menya Tenhou
to check out their signature black sesame tan tan men.

Woah! Although it could have been a tad bit more spicy, this tan tan men was shockingly good.

No joke.

Okay, well…there may be better out there, but this ramen really satisfied the s*** out of me.

Meanwhile, back at work I experimented with this tonkotsu-peanut-butter-ramen. Haha, you only wish you could have tried it.

It surprisingly wasn’t bad. Maybe someday I’ll let you try it too…

One Reply to “A show of support…”

  1. Ganbare~

    I'm jealous of someone that is doing what they most want out of life. There are so few of us that are able to follow our passions for a whole lot of different reasons.


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