The lucky adventurer…

Day 189:

The past few days have been filled with good luck and good news for me, so it’s only fitting that I visited the recently popularized Fuunji near Shinjuku Station, which actually means the lucky adventurer.

Fuunji has been on the rise as far as popularity is concerned. It’s probably one of the hottest shops in Tokyo right now.

And it’s mostly due to their tsukemen.

So what did I think? I thought the first few bites were heavenly, but then I soon got sick of what I was slurping and tried to finish my omori bowl as fast as possible. The tsukemen here is good and I can understand why it’s become popular, but I still like Enji better.

Later this day, I met up with the crew for an impromptu meeting that wasn’t supposed to include ramen. Man, who were we kidding. I wasn’t really hungry for another bowl, but how could I resist when Nate, Brian, and Rick wanted to check out a place that has something even rarer than a red diamond.

Ramen Pizza!!

But first I had to check out their chuukasoba. One word: fishy. Yup, this bowl was straight up loaded with katsuo, niboshi, sanma, and saba. And it was extremely hot!

The homemade menma really did make for a mochi-mochi tree.

And now for the ramen pizza. Yum, but I still would rather eat a pepperoni pizza from round table any day.


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