Chili cheese…please…

Day 190:

I don’t even know why I do this to myself. I picked up a “chili cheese dog” at the Mini Stop on my way to work and although it wasn’t bad, it was NOT a chili cheese dog!

I better just stick to what I’m used to.

We made another batch of green curry paste today and I think I figured out a way to make it even better…

2 Replies to “Chili cheese…please…”

  1. Aah, it's so hard to find good ramen in London. Next time I'm in Tokyo I'm definitely coming to get some green curry ramen (which I've never had before). When we lived in Nagoya years ago, we used to eat a lot of Taiwan ramen (spicy!) I think it's a Nagoya thing. Have you ever tried it?

    I'm following your blog and cheering you on! It's inspiring to see someone following their dream. Gambare!

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