Day 191:

I spent two hours at my gym working out harder than I ever have since arriving in Tokyo. So to reward myself, I set out to find a tsukemen shop in Sasazuka that I’ve been wanting to visit. But guess what…I couldn’t find it. Instead, I ended up entering Zenbei within the station mall. I’m not sure if this is why they named it, but ぜんべい can be translated as ‘All-America’.

One thing is for sure, as bored as mom and pop look preparing my ramen, they are definitely not All-American.

The shoyu ramen wasn’t bad, but the massive amount of salt (or msg) left my lips tingling.

The noodles reminded me of a better version of chuukazanmai, but I guess if a noodle reminds me of an instant kind there’s not much more to be said.


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