The elegant art of war…ramen style!

Day 196:

Yet another ramen-ya whose roots extend back to Tan Tan Tei in Hamadayama, Fuubu is a classic shinasoba shop serving an elegant bowl of shoyu ramen topped with magnificent wontons.

I don’t usually try to talk to the chefs when I go eat ramen, but sometimes a natural conversation just sparks. The young chef that owns this place was a mellow dude who took particular interest in my goal of opening up a ramen shop in the states someday. Hmm…do I smell a collabo in the future? haha.

Even without the chef telling me, just looking at this bowl of Mix Wontonmen told me he trained at Tan Tan Tei.

I’d have to say that this was a very satisfying bowl from beginning to end. I loved the wontons so much that I’ve been thinking about changing the wontons we put in our Tom Yum Soba.

The noodles were fantastically chewy.

Definitely an elegant bowl all around.

Can’t wait to go back.

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