Oops…I didn’t mean to order that.

Day 198:

Whenever I enter a ramen shop with a ticket machine, I often have the bad habit of not fully reading the button I’m about to push. Kobe Ramen near Meidaemae is the perfect example. I just wanted to get a quick bowl before work and being that I’ve been to the no-longer-in-business Honancho branch in years passed., I just hit the cheapest lunch set button. Not only did the set come with ramen and gyoza, but it also came with a beer. Oops. I don’t ever drink before work, but I wasn’t about to waste a perfectly good beverage. I guess one beer before work wouldn’t hurt. haha.

The ramen here is decent, but nothing spectacular. It almost tastes like a chanpon with it’s thicker noodles.

Ahh…but you know what? It went perfectly with my beer.

On my way home from work (yes I now get home after the sun comes up), the kid in me had to snap this pic while waiting for the light to turn green.


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