Sleep well…

Day 199:

Eifukucho Taishoken is great! It may take a few bowls and several scorched taste buds to really appreciate it’s greatness, but there’s definitely something soothing about this gigantic bowl as it enters the blood stream.

Some may complain about the noodles being too soft, but after the 5th bowl or so you’ll begin to understand how this ramen can put a soul to sleep.

Sort of how our Tom Yum Soba put this drunk guy to sleep for nearly 2 hours while several noisy customers slurped around him. I normally wouldn’t take a strangers picture without asking, but this guy was an ass. So take note, if you come in drunk acting like an ass and then fall asleep in our shop, you’re picture will be taken. haha.

After trying several times, we were finally able to wake him up without incident. Ahh..the life of a late night ramen shop. I should probably start writing about ALL the drama I see. Like the one night a girl fell asleep at the counter and when she finally awoke as we were closing she turned to me and asked if she could go home now. By all means, I replied.

2 Replies to “Sleep well…”

  1. LOL! that's like when i wake up my g/f when she falls asleep watching TV. she asks, “Can I go to bed now?!?”

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