Sprayed with Blackmarket mist…

Day 204:

No barking from the dogs, no smog, and momma cooked a ramen with plenty of hog. It was a good day. One of the best yet. It started with a visit to Fuuraikyo in Shibuya…

…for some shio ramen. I’m pretty sure Fuuraikyo is related to Santouka because their similarities are endless.

Smooth, sentuous, and scintillating. Yes, I am referring to the ramen.

Now it’s time to do what the sign says.

Blackmarket was in town and I got a free pass to see their show.

They rocked!!

They even gave away a free ipad (the first in Japan?) at the end of the show. Unfortunately, only paying guests were eligible to win it. After the show, we got to meet the band and talk ramen. Yes, I was invited to their show because all these guys love ramen. Cool, huh?

The show ended a bit early and I had some time to kill before I had to get back to work, so we decided to go check out the most bougiest of ramen shops in the world–MIST in Omotesando Hills.

C x N = MIST? You may see this on the walls. Translation: Chabuya x Natural = MIST. Yes, MIST is a Chef Morizumi creation.

This is one high-class ramen-ya that even has ramen sushi. I felt a bit awkward sitting in the nice red velvet seats, but I’ll do anything for a bowl.

Dude, there’s a frickin drawer in the table!

I ordered the shoyu ramen with an egg. Impressive. But all things being equal, would I want to eat here everyday? Probably not.

But I would eat here again. Especially if I wanted to impress a girl. Haha, jk. Okay I’m not.

My neighbor got the shio ramen. It was not as impressive as the shoyu. I would definitely recommend the shoyu ramen over the shio if you go.

Apparently the bowls for the shoyu and shio are different and they are each designed to bring out the best flavors. I was even told that the rim of each bowl represents the size of the noodles used. Yes, bougie.

Time to listen to my new cd!

I think I like 10 and 2 the best…

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