A long happy life…

Day 208:

Located deep within the cozy little town of Sasazuka, Chuuka Soba Fukuju has been rockin’ it since 1954.

Fukuju (福寿) means “long life and happiness” so perhaps after eating this ramen you’ll live a long, happy life. Apparently the owner hasn’t been eating his own ramen or he just doesn’t show it. I walked in to an empty shop and he barely even acknowledged that I was there. No irasshaimase or anything. I thought it was just me but it was the same for the customers who walked in after too. Just tell him what you want and BAM he makes it. Hellz yeah this place was cool!

I’m speechless. THIS is a shoyu ramen!

Now I know why the chef is a man of few words. Because his ramen speaks for itself!


I would gladly eat this everyday if it meant that I would have a long, happy life.

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