Bring on the cheese!

Day 209:

Oh what a beautiful day for slurping. I met my boss in Shimokitazawa for lunch so we could do our occasional ramen shop research. With 10 shops in and around Tokyo, Mitsuyado Seimen is known for making a really good noodle. But it was more than just a good noodle I was after. Mitsuyado has something on the menu that I’ve been dying to try for quite some time now. No, not their natto tsukemen…

Their 濃厚 Cheese Sauce Tsukemen!!

I love cheese, but how would it fair with tsukemen?

I was told to pour the cheese on top of the noodles first before dipping it into my broth. This alone tasted like mac and cheese. Mmmm!

Surprisingly, dipping my cheese-covered noodles into the yuzu-infuzed tsukemen broth tasted amazing. Yes, the noodles were great, but this new experience left me beside myself. I was just about to give up on tsukemen altogether, but now I have faith that there are still some good ones out there.

My boss ordered the Ja-Ja Men.

This tasted great as well.

I wouldn’t mind going back here again. Here’s to a great month. I have a feeling next month may be even better.

4 Replies to “Bring on the cheese!”

  1. WHOAH this site keeps blowing my mind- in Toronto we don't get too into interesting variations of Japanese food, usually you're lucky to get a mediocre ramen at best, but this dish reminds me of how I was at Izakaya Guu and got the cheese bibimbop, finding it to be the greatest dish of the evening. I can't wait to get cheese ramen!

  2. Your blog makes me hungry everyday.
    I am also ramen holic who doesn't have much chance to eat Ramen.

    Shoki is only one around here….OTL

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