Day 212:

Momo No Ki (小麦と肉 桃の木) is another one of those ramen shops that is part of the Setagaya group. So far, I haven’t been very impressed by those shops, but there’s definitely something different about Momo No Ki.

Well, one of those differences is their tsukemen made with ブルガリアヨーグルト (bulgaria yogurt) that I wasn’t able to try because they only serve 15/day. Anyway, I’m not really talking about that.

I’m talking about their all female staff. I’m not gonna lie. The only reason why I ever wanted to come here is because I saw a picture of the manager in one of my ramen mags and thought she was hot. haha.

Dude, but the tsukemen is even sexier! It comes in shio or shoyu. I chose the shio.

The soup is made from pig tail and dried sardines. It was impressive. The thick hirauchi noodles were perfect too. I normally get tired of eating tsukemen about half-way through, but this was an exception. I wanted more.

The loads of tender meat was awesome. I really want to go back to try the yogurt tsukemen, but that would mean I’d have to wake up early. Damn…

Instead of asking for soup wari when you’re finished with your noodles, ask for soba-yu. It adds a little thickness to the soup.

Back at Bassanova, we finished up making another batch of green curry paste. And as tradition would have it, I had to give the new paste a try. Wow, probably the best yet!

Oh yeah, if you ever order the green curry soba and are still hungry, instead of ordering some more noodles try ordering some rice. You’ll like it…guaranteed!

2 Replies to “Peaches…”

  1. That meat looks incredible and I wouldn't have thought of eating rice with the left over soup.

    Love your blog, btw. I'm in Thailand (living my Thai dream and have been for 7 years :), but can't wait to visit Japan next year and try 'real' ramen 🙂

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