Thanks for the love…

Day 213:

A customer came into Bassanova today and said “I think your blog is awesome!” I think you are awesome for saying that! I really appreciate all the encouraging emails and comments that I’ve been receiving so I just wanted to take a quick timeout to say thanks for the love. I’ve been really bad about responding to comments (100 or so behind), but I think I’ve been pretty good about responding to emails. My apologies if I haven’t replied to you yet. Anyway, thanks again for visiting my measly ramen blog and for following me as live my dream!

I was in a hurry to get to work today, so I only had time to hop into my neighborhood Chinese restaurant and order this Tan Tan Men. Not bad. Actually, it was pretty good.

The noodles were the same as always, but the ramen was surprisingly fulfilling.

Back at work, I experimented a little more on mastering a shoyu ramen. This time I used a different type of oil.

I think my palate has improved tremendously since I moved here. I can almost predict what something will taste like before I add it.


3 Replies to “Thanks for the love…”

  1. @Jeff Overley: thanks dude! i miss oc. i need a good carne asada burrito. can u please send me one?!!

    @Ryan: wait, u were in japan and u didn't visit bassanova!! haha. glad u got to meet ivan. thanks!

  2. Was bummed that I couldn't visit your shop this past week but I did make it over to Ivan Ramen and told him it was great what he did for you. Tasting ramen in Japan again reminded me how crappy the stuff I get in OC is. . .

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