A reunion of sorts…

Day 214:

I woke up with a craving for miso ramen. I wanted to go to Tsujita or Junren, but since I didn’t have enough time before I had to head to work, I just settled on another visit to Ramen Nakamura. I really wanted to try the small Sapporo ramen restaurant next to Kusamura, but they were closed. Anyway, I got my fix.

I love the noodles here. But half-way through my bowl, I noticed a new topping…

Hair. Some people might stop eating at this point, but I still finished my entire bowl without a word. It happens. As long as there’s no lice I’m cool.

Back in the day, Bassanova used to make what they call Men Burgers–burgers made using noodles as buns. They are still pretty popular in Fukuoka and big boss sent us some samples to try. Could this mean we’ll start making them again? Hmm…

After we closed shop, we held a little party with Sugimoto-san (a former staff member) until the sun came up.

Good times…

2 Replies to “A reunion of sorts…”

  1. do it man! ramen burgers! i was at a festival last weekend and a highway rest stop from kitakata had a stand selling ramen burgers. there was a huge line, so long that i didn't have time to wait in it. they looked delicious though and were the biggest hit at the festival…

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