Raccoon alley…

First of all, I’d like to say hello to anyone visiting my blog for the first time as a result of Michael Booth‘s ramen article in The Independent titled Souped up: A whistle-stop tour of Tokyo’s best ramen restaurants. Great article, awesome day! Thank you Michael and thank you Jeremy for the heads up!

Day 215:

I mentioned yesterday that I wanted to try the small Sapporo ramen restaurant next to Kusamura. So today, I did. Tanuki Kouji is indeed small and it’s not even worthy of a single rating in the supleks database. Could this be a bad sign?

Of course not. It just means that no one goes here.

Being that it’s “Sapporo ramen” I ordered the miso. Like all good miso ramen, the soup is wok’d to perfection. Not to say that this ramen is perfect (it’s far from being so), but it’s imperfection is admirable. Is it just me or is the bowl not even round?

I’m not sure if the topping is some kind of ground beef or ground pork mixture, but this ramen was relaxing.

It wasn’t great and I can see why it’s never been rated, but it was still satisfying.

But the gyoza just straight-out-sucked!

Guess what? I have the next two days off and I’ll be heading out to Nagoya to help out a friend. If you live near Kasugai City, I’ll be working at Tonkotsu Ramen Hikari tomorrow and the day after. Alright, time to pack! See you in Nagoya!

4 Replies to “Raccoon alley…”

  1. clearly, your time is valuable, and your efforts are far from unnoticed– so, a sincere “thanks” is in order!

    it's a testament to your dedication that you update your blog as often as you do, so i hope my comment was not out-of-line. goramen has served to provide a veritable classroom concerning ramen, so, suffice to say, you've spoiled us a little bit! as such, you may find that we want to pick your brain regarding your developing experiences and expertise a little too often!:)

  2. @Chad M: haha. couldn't get a chance to eat try the red miso. hopefully next time! thanks for the tip!

    @Anonymous: thank u. i will try my best to be more descriptive but unfortunately my time is limited and i usually post in a hurry so it's hard to do so. someday i'll get around to doing proper reviews so please forgive me if i'm vague for now.

  3. absolutely love your blog, but given the development of your palate, (as you recently mentioned) it would be great to read your thoughts on why various samplings were disappointing,
    rather than, “i'd never eat it again”
    or “straight out sucked!” this also provides us with some insight to what you're learning to sense within all things ramen.

    continued success to you!

  4. Woo Nagoya! Be sure to get some red miso ramen. I had some in Nagoya-eki on the Shinkansen side of the station. Excellent hangover-reduction properties. Good eats in Sakae too!

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