The 200 yen bowl…

Day 219:

Opened in 1948, Chuuka Manrai (中華満来) possibly serves the cheapest bowl of old school shoyu ramen in the world. At 200 yen (about $2), it’s more than just a steal. It’s downright thievery!

I skipped the 200 yen bowl and opted to add some chashu and wontons to my ramen, but what would normally cost well over 1,000 yen everywhere else only cost 750 yen. Thievery!

And it’s not just that this bowl is cheap. It is also good! A classic shoyu with all the right to be classified as nostalgic.

The noodles were a tad too soft, but overall I loved this bowl.

But I’m a shoyu ramen freak.

One Reply to “The 200 yen bowl…”

  1. The chashu looks very lean–I hope it wasn't dry. They gave you plenty of it, for sure.

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