A rivalry between friends…

Day 220:

Although Ramen Nakamura is just a few meters down the road and in direct competition with Kusamura, I spotted the owner (white cap) sitting at the other end of the counter from me. This just shows that rivals can still be friends and eat at each others shops. That’s what I love about the world of ramen (or more-so ‘my’ world of ramen). There’s fierce competition, but at the end of the day everyone respects each other. This also had to be my lucky day. It’s been rumored that Kusamura’s blood line leads back to Eifukucho Taishoken. But after overhearing Nakamura-san converse with the old man on the right, there’s no family relation. They just happen to be good drinking buddies.

Kusamura’s shoyu ramen is always a go-to bowl when I don’t have much time to venture out of my ku before work.

And just hearing the old man grunt while he makes my bowl is enough for me.

Later at work, we all decided to try the Kishimen I brought back from Nagoya.

This is one of the things that Nagoya is famous for.

Thick, flat noodles similar to udon.

It would be interesting to try these noodles with our green curry…

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