Shopping day…

Day 221:

Today, the Bassanova family woke up early and went shopping. I forgot my camera and couldn’t document this first-time affair, but we were like kids running around toys-r-us for the first time. Isn’t this new open/close sign way better than the old one?

A big change was buying new bowls for our GCS and TYS since we couldn’t find anywhere that still sold our current design.

We all agreed that this bowl was the best. What do you think? You should come in and check them out in person!

We also got new plates for our shinachiku (menma) appetizer.

Oh and did you notice that we have new t-shirts and hats? Well, they’re not official yet but they will be soon. Interested in buying some for yourself? Hit me up!

And I’ll try to hook you up!

3 Replies to “Shopping day…”

  1. I started reading your blog back in the Foo-Foo Challenge days. I am a ramen fan but always thought my obsession was unique until I found your blog. I've been following you off and on every since. I switch jobs last year and wasn't able to keep up with my favorite blogs for a while. (advertising steals your life 🙂 I was so surprised and excited to find your blog again and discover you are in Japan living the dream. I hope to have the chance to try green curry ramen sometime soon.

    Thanks for sharing your dream with those of us trapped out here in a dry ramen world.

  2. I've been reading ramen blogs ever since I saw that NYT article on ramen shops and I am a big fan of yours! I really like your new bowls, they are very inviting 🙂
    If I ever visit Japan I will most definitely stop by your shop!

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