Go Blue Samurai!

Day 223:

As far as it may seem, Kichijoji is only two stations away from where I live on the express train. I had an hour to kill and I’d been itching for a bowl from Menya Mushashi Kodou ever since I first tried it back in 2008. Hopefully it hasn’t changed.

WTF is this? was my first thought. This bowl looks nothing like the bowl I had two years ago.

Despite being shocked, this was still a good bowl, but nothing like it used to be.

This bowl was more jiro-like with a nice 3mm layer of oil on top. What a bummer…

Earlier this year, I received an email from Ben Bertucci, an aspiring photographer and long time follower of my blog, asking me if I could introduce him to Murakami-san of Foo-Foo Tei (you know, the place I ate for 31 days straight) for a photo project he was working on. A few emails later, Ben was hooked up and shooting away. Then last week, I got another email saying that he would be in Tokyo and wanted to show me his work so far.

Sweet! It’s still unfinished but these were some great pics! Thanks Ben for coming all this way and thanks for letting me keep some of them. Keep up the great work!

Haha. Sorry Murakami-san, but I have to show off this awesome pic. Btw, did you lose weight?

And then it was time to catch the Japan vs. Cameroon world cup match on my coworkers phone.

Upset! The Blue Samurai win!

There’s nothing like 7-11 oden on my way home.

Or some good wood?


One Reply to “Go Blue Samurai!”

  1. Cheers Keizo! What a great trip. I hope to break bread again soon.

    I've some more pics coming your way as well.

    Thank everyone at BASSA for a great time!

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