Good food…

Day 226:

I went back to ‘the wood‘ to pick up lunch for me and my coworkers and this time I decided to try the jerk chicken curry made with Jamaican yams. Now that’s some good wood!

But nothing can beat noodles. I bet if we put the jerk chicken in our ramen it would taste bomb. Hmm…maybe a goodwood-bassanova collabo could happen someday…

After work, Shuga and I got sucked into Nandenkanden for some free beer and snacks. Boiled chicken wings anyone?

Negi chashu?

Sui gyoza?

Sometimes the road home is very, very long.

By the way, my blog is three years old today. It’s too bad it can’t be celebrated with My og ramen partner in crime.

4 Replies to “Good food…”

  1. Happy birthday,! In July it will be 1 year I have been a follower of the blog.

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