A devilish night…

Day 227:

On a rainy Friday night, after almost being crushed in the train during rush hour when someone pulled the emergency brake, I finally made it out to Kikanbo (カラシビ味噌らー麺 鬼金棒) in Kanda to say hello to Sugimoto-san.

If you don’t remember, Sugimoto-san used to work at Bassanova way back when I first became a regular. As of tomorrow, he will be moving on to a different ramen shop so I wanted to come check out Kikanbo while he was still there.

Kikanbo is known for their spicy, mouth-numbing miso ramen. You can even choose the levels for each one. Be careful though, my tongue tingled for a good hour after eating this. AND I only chose the regular levels for both spiciness and numbness.

Wow! I bet I know who would like this ramen. The noodles look familiar.

I don’t think I can eat this everyday. Maybe once a year would do. Not that it tasted bad, it’s just that intense. Anyway, good luck at the next shop Sugimoto-san!

Then it was time to chill with the fellas at Alps in Shinjuku where the beers are only 150yen.

And where the entertainment of drunk college kids is always free. There must be something cool about sticking things up your nose here. I’m not sure I understand why, but it’s hilarious.

What?! U.S. down 2-0! I can’t watch. Let’s go grab a bowl.

A new branch of Ichiran opened in Shinjuku.

And Brian was trying to figure out the best way to wipe his you-know-what using a single sheet from every roll. I’m not sure what the logic is behind all the rolls, but Ichiran is an unusual place.

Where you can enjoy a bowl in complete solitude. Dude, quit peeping over at my bowl!

Here’s a behind the scenes look at the kitchen.

Ichiran is good. But none of their branches come close to the main branch in Hakata.

But it serves it’s purpose. As my boy Darin says, “Ichiran is the McD of ramen!”

I’d have to agree.

Why is it that we must always end our nights here?

I guess cuz this is home…

2 Replies to “A devilish night…”

  1. You didn't stick around to see the controversial finish to the soccer game? tsk tsk. . .

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