If only everyday were like this…

Day 231:

As I walked my friend to the train station, the new zaku-zaku rayu burger from Mos Burger caught both of our eyes and we just had to try one. As much as I miss a good burger from the States, I will miss Mos just as much when I go back. If you have yet to try this burger, go get one now before it’s gone.

Then after realizing that I’d left my bike in shimo the night before, I decided to stop by Taisho to say hello to pops. And that’s when I surprisingly ran into Uno-san from the 808 Lounge slurping on this hiyashi chuuka.

I ordered the miso ramen, which was surprisingly better than I expected.

I wasn’t in the mood to die, but the garlic shichimi goes great with the miso. Thanks pops!

And then it was time to chill at my new fave cafe.

Yeah, if you haven’t noticed, I like to chill…

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