Day 233:

I began the day paying a visit to my nieces and was surprised to see this fresh dog greeting me at the door. Her name was Luna.

Then it was off to get some fresh ramen in Shinjuku before buying my plane ticket home. Oh did I not tell you I’ll be back in LA for a week next month? (well, pending my waiting list status.)

Horiuchi is another nostalgic shop that opened in 1961. The owner is some fresh old dude that has one of the best “irasshaimase’s” that I’ve ever heard. Yes, I observe those things about ramen shops too. haha.

Now this chashu ramen was definitely fresh!

Even the fresh noodles were…well…fresh!

Just look at the size of this fresh ass piece of chashu.

And after a fresh night of work it was time to check out the Japan vs. Denmark soccer game.

Japan won 3-1! Fresh.

The game ended at six in the morning and I was invited to see some fresh models at seven.

Needless to say, I went 26 hours without sleep just to be a part of this. I was not fresh.

So what does ramen have to do with this photo shoot? Absolutely nothing, but I was invited and I wanted to go. haha. Ain’t that fresh enough?

By the way, apparently models like to eat fresh too….

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