Day 235:

I’ve always wanted to live in a high-rise building over-looking a big city like Tokyo so I can wake up to a view like this. And for one night, I got the chance. I know I’ll probably never live in a pad this fresh, but it was nice to just experience it once.

Then it was off to Eleven Foods (イレブンフーズ) where they start serving ramen at 8 in the morning. Since eleven is my favorite number, could this become my favorite ramen-ya?

I first heard of Eleven Foods when I was hanging out at the 808 lounge with Ono-san and friends. They told me that I wouldn’t be a true ramen geek until I tried it.

Ladies and gentlemen, I am now a true ramen geek! They weren’t kidding. This was a very good bowl. And it’s a strange bowl at that. The soup was not piping hot and the noodles were a tad overcooked, but the bowl still had loads of character.

A bowl at 9am never tasted so good. But I wouldn’t be in a rush to call it my fave.

They also use the honor system here. When you are finished eating, you pay by putting your money in a cup and take out whatever change you need.

Afterwards, I went home to get some much needed sleep before work, then went out to grab some Chinese food.

Work was a bit crazy, but I can always count on the green curry to keep me sane.

I am very lucky…

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