Keizo and the Noodle Factory!

Day 238:

First, I gotta give props to my friends at Sun Noodle for hooking me up with the golden ticket! Second, thank you Mikawaya Seimen for making me feel like a kid again. To be able to tour the factory of one of the biggest noodle makers in Japan is something I never believed would ever be possible. My jaw was dropped the entire time.

It began with our rep, Hoshi-san, picking us up at the station and driving us to the factory. (Btw, we use Mikawaya Seimen noodles at Bassanova.)

Where he led us into a door that basically says ‘no normal people allowed.’ I always knew I wasn’t normal. haha. Then we spent the next two hours speaking with the president, Miyauchi 社長, as he gave us a personal tour of his factory. All I have to say is wow! I learned so much today and it was definitely an experience I’ll never forget. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!

As one would expect, I wasn’t able to take any pictures inside of the factory due to the secrecy of the profession…that is…aside from the men’s urinal. Hey, at least I now have proof I was actually in the building! haha.

Afterwards, we still had some time before work so Shuga and I decided to check out Menbu Kotatsu in Shinjuku.

They have a 参った ramen plaque!

Shuga got the shoyu to help heal his battle wounds.

I got the famed miso.

I was blown, but not blown away.

There’s still nothing like miso ramen from the Sumire honten in Sapporo.

Hey look! There’s a samurai at the bottom of the bowl…

2 Replies to “Keizo and the Noodle Factory!”

  1. I like the framed phrase next to the 参った plaque. Jibun no michi wa yume kara hajimaru. It fits your blog theme perfectly seeing how you are on the “road/path” “started” by “your” Ramen “dream”. Bad-ass sign bruddah!! If you make a Go-Ramen T-shirt, it should have this saying on it.

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