A day off in the life of…

Day 241:

Me! Are you ready? Okay, let’s go!

I woke up around noon, picked up my niece from school and then headed straight to this restaurant called Tenkomori for some ramen.

I ordered the Tenkomori Ramen which was this huge bowl of ramen piled with chashu and moyashi. As I was handed the big bowl, I began to raise my camera and instantly the chef in the back yelled “no pikucha! no pikucha!” I tried to play the gaijin card, but it didn’t work this time. I still managed to take a few pictures though. hehe. But after talking with the chef after my meal, he turned out to be a pretty cool guy so I’ll honor his wishes for now. By the way, the ramen wasn’t very good anyway. haha.

Then it was off to the park to play with my nieces until it began to rain. Kids are awesome little creatures. I can’t wait to have my own someday.

After working up an appetite, it was time to eat dinner with my bro’s family. Pasta!!

A few beers and a quick nap later, I was ready for the night to begin. After stopping briefly at work to entertain a friend’s cousin, I was off to meet up with moca in Shibuya.

That’s when Darin rolled up in his Ferrari. (In his dreams!)

And we all hopped in my new Bentley Continental. (In my dreams!)

To go watch my cousin do his thang up on stage.

There’s nothing like hanging out at a rap show with some of my bestest friends in Tokyo.

I’m proud of you cuz! But I think it’s time we start working on some tracks together.

And of course, the night/morning never ends without a bowl of ramen. Somehow I always get coerced into eating Ichiran. Damn you Darin! haha.

Oooh, it’s that view again…


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