Revived…or so I thought…

Day 244:

I woke up refreshed and feeling much better after last night’s massive cough attack so I set out to find Kitakata Ramen Takakura in Hatagaya. My coworker insisted that I go there.

I thought it was okay. The soup was a bit bland and missing some depth.

The chashu, on the other hand, was great.

And the noodles…you can’t be a Kitakata ramen shop without good noodles…period.

Back at work, my cough had returned and I began to feel like crap again, but I made it through the night. Shuga made some bomb-ass stir fry dish that could be good enough to put on the menu.

I forgot what this was called and it’s killing me that I can’t remember. Oh well, it was great nonetheless.

What did I say about drunks that pass out in our shop? This dude fell asleep for over an hour, periodically waking up to take a sip of his soup. haha.

The crazy thing is, every drunk person that I’ve seen fall asleep in our shop has sat in this exact same spot. It’s a strange phenomenon…

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