A desperate expedition…

Day 245:

I set out this afternoon in an attempt to go back and try Chuuka Soba Fukuju‘s gomoku ramen, but I was greeted with a sign that said ‘please excuse me for taking the day off.’ So I then set out to search for another ramen shop I’ve been to before. But when I finally arrived at Ichifuku, they had just closed for their break between lunch and dinner. So with time running out, I began to get desperate. And instead of consulting my pocket wifi, I decided to head back to the main road and hop into the first decent ramen-ya I saw. As a result, I ended up here at Menya Kikyo.

With a rating of 8.9 out of 100 (as I later found on ramendb), I was pleasantly surprised with their zaru ramen. Btw, zaru ramen is just another way of saying tsukemen (cold noodles dipped in hot soup).

The soup was very sour and overwhelmed with ichimi, but it was quite easy to slurp. They offered omori for free, which I declined but later wished I hadn’t. Although I would probably never go back here, I’m glad my desperate expedition led me to it.

But of course, there’s no place like home…

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