Something I could get used to…

Day 246:

The phone rang and woke me up. She asked if I was sleeping. I said no. (I lied.) She asked if we could meet up for lunch. I said okay. She said she was craving pancakes. I said I was craving lasagna. She paused with a slight sigh. I told her I know just the place…

Surprise, surprise. Ever heard of Yamachan Ramen? Today, Yamashita-san himself paid me a surprise visit after checking out my blog and hearing about me from friends. Apparently he also knows Jay and made it a point to come to Bassanova to meet me on his short trip to Tokyo. Wow, thanks!! We talked for a good hour about ramen and how we foresee the boom expanding over to the States. The future is bright! Thanks Hiro!!

Ramen burger anyone?

You know, one of my biggest goals has been to spread the ramen word throughout the world. And for the first time it really hit me that this measly ramen blog I write can actually help do that someday. It may take years or decades, but it will happen.

I could get used to this…

4 Replies to “Something I could get used to…”

  1. I'm glad that you guys met each other. It sounds like you had a good time. Yes, the boom is expanding throughout the bay area. I hope we can do something in near future.

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