Coming home!!

Day 248:

After being on the waiting list for two weeks and not hearing a thing, I almost gave up on the idea of coming home. But last night on my way to Yokohama, I finally received an email from my travel agent stating that I got my flight! Sweet! And today I went to pay for it so it’s official!! I arrive in LA monday morning and leave the following friday. My schedule is already jam-packed but I was thinking of going to sushilicious (for my OC peeps) on wednesday night and foo-foo tei on thursday night. You are all welcome to join me if you can. Check my facebook page or twitter for updates. Hope to see you there!

Since I was in Shinjuku, I thought I’d check out Ore-no-men Harumichi. They’ve been slowly climbing up the rankings and I was in the mood for some good tsukemen.

Harumichi is a small 8 seat counter with two guys running the show.

The tsukemen is a gyokai-tonkotsu base that is actually really, really good. I was quite surprised and impressed by it.

The noodles are top-notch as well. This is definitely 俺の麺!


Back at work, we’ve been getting a lot of hosomen (thin noodles) requests for our green curry soba so I decided to try it for myself. I personally prefer the hirauchi (flat noodles), but that’s just me. Feel free to request any noodle with any of our ramen when you come in. Anything is possible.

So yeah, I’ll be back in LA for four days doing my thang. In-n-out here I come!!

One Reply to “Coming home!!”

  1. Hey Keizo,

    Man, it would be great to finally meet you, and I love Foo Foo Tei, but I'm turning 50 that day and have family coming over for a party.
    Maybe next time you come back.


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