Bassanova staff party!!

Day 250:

Big boss was in town again so we decided to close shop and have a staff party!! But first I had to get ready for my trip home. And the day doesn’t start until I have some ramen. I wanted to keep it local, since I didn’t have much time, so I headed back to Tenhou for the white sesame tan tan men. If you recall, I ate the black sesame tan tan men a couple months ago.

I’ll just say this, the white tan tan men is much better than the black tan tan men.

Afterwards, I did a little shopping and decided to start packing. Yup, my mom called just to tell me to bring home some Cup Noodle Light. haha.

Then it was off to Heavens Door in Shimokitazawa to have a couple beers while we waited for big boss to call.

Hmm…I was hoping for a four-leaf clover.

Big boss made it! It’s now time to party!! But first, another introduction of our awesome staff.

The lovely Komuro-san and the always cockamamie Shuga.

Nobo the teacher.

Toru the technician.

And then there’s Max. Yeah, don’t ask.

Time for some food!

I vaguely remember eating this…

I don’t remember eating this at all…

Shacho get down!!

Uh-oh, I got a bus to catch!

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