Cali in sight!

Day 251:

I missed my bus to the airport. But I have a good reason why. Anyway, I took the train instead. I was an hour behind schedule, but I still managed to have enough time for a bowl after checking in.

For the record, I don’t like this restaurant. I never have.

But I was in need and the Chinjaorosu Ramen was calling me.

Whew, I made my flight. Now let’s fly this puppy home!

10 hours later…I made it. There’s nothing like socal weather.

I’ve been craving a del beef burrito and chili cheese fries for months. Finally!


For dinner, I met up with Ken from Sun Noodle and some friends at Ramen California where we enjoyed a bowl of Chashu Ramen…

Tonkotsu Ramen…

Tomato & Basil Ramen…

And some tsukemen.

Nakamura-san and Sun Noodle never disappoint! History in the making y’all!!

Ahh..I’m back…

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