Foo-Foo Thank You!

Day 254:

A western bacon cheeseburger and fried zucchini. Consider my cravings fulfilled.

My little niece agrees.

After hours of packing up my stuff and moving it to storage, I was off to go meet my ramen father. lol. I was late and with this photo courtesy of choisauce, he was getting ready to “smack and zap” my ass.

When I finally did arrive, Murakami-san was busy back in the kitchen cooking up some special dishes like these giant roasted garlic cloves topped with pesto sauce.

And these teba-saki wings.

And some seafood dip thingy. haha. I’m so bad with food names. Anyway, it was delicious.

But I was waiting for this.

Alright, time to get our drink on. Ben brought some Iichiko Super back with him from Japan for all of us to try. It was super smooth.

And Ken brought some rare, pricey bottle of Firestone Walker Ale that was off tha hook!


Thanks for coming everyone. And special thanks to Murakami-san for having us. As always, the food was great!

Now let’s go singing!!

Crap! Gotta pack!

2 Replies to “Foo-Foo Thank You!”

  1. One of the biggest things I missed while living in Asia for several years was the western bacon cheeseburger! With the side of fries and a coke!

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