A day for her…

Day 257:

It was my first day back and she wanted to hang out. A part of me wanted to hang out too so we headed out to Sendagaya station.  I wanted to go to the circus…

But she wanted to go to the flea market. So guess where we went? Haha, I really didn’t want to go to the circus anyway.

After spending a few hours in the heat, we were both ready to eat. I was craving ramen, but she thought we could start with an appetizer. So we were off to her favorite xiaolongbao spot in Kichijoji.

Ahh, I can see why they’re her fave.

Now for some ramen!

Her favorite style is Iekei so she recommended Musashiya Bekken in Kichijoji.

Since I’m a gentleman, I gave her half my egg…the better half.

I think I could get used to Iekei.

The noodles here were divine. Slightly thicker and flatter than the normal Iekei noodle, they really tasted special. Or perhaps it was just her. Who, you ask? Her, I say.

My first day back at work was hectic. Not only did I get beat at Shogi, one of our part-time guys forgot it was his day to work so we were forced to run one of the most busiest days with only two people. Needless to say, it was hell. But we managed to survive.

Wow, what a night!

4 Replies to “A day for her…”

  1. Those are Shen jiang bao for sure, but the sign does say shanghai xiao long bao… shops here in Shanghai often sell both. Xiao long bao have thinner skin and are steamed.

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