A day to rest…

Day 262:

I was told not to come into work today so I could rest. And rest I did. Thank you all for your concerns about my health. Honestly, it’s not the ramen that’s causing it. If anything, the ramen soothes it. The cause is actually my job and all the stuff that goes on behind the scenes. Don’t worry. I’ll handle it and be back to normal in no time. I promise.

Anyway, I rode my bike to Kusamura for lunch and although I didn’t intend on ordering ramen, it just slipped out of my mouth. Seriously, I wanted to eat the katsu curry bad…real bad. Oh well.

After a long, long nap, moca called to say she needed help. Her friends were wanting good ramen and she requested that I be their guide. If it were anyone else I would have said no, but since moca always has a way of cheering me up, I agreed to meet them in Koenji, where I took everyone to eat ramen at Tabushi.

Not only do I like Tabushi for their ramen, I like watching how the two dudes run the kitchen. Their setup is impressive.

The regular ramen is a tonkotsu-fish blend that is similar to Mochi Mochi No Ki but better!

Everyone else got the shoyu-tonkotsu ramen, which is the same as this minus the fish. I forgot to take a pic.

I wasn’t really craving gyoza, but moca was so she ordered some. And exactly what I thought would happen happened. She ate two pieces and made me eat the rest. haha. Thanks moca!

Afterwards, I went straight home to go back to sleep. Goodnight…

3 Replies to “A day to rest…”

  1. Thanks dudes! Yeah I finally got around to changing my header. I'll slowly try to put more bassanova stuff on there too.

  2. Good to hear that you're getting your rest. I agree with Daizo, you should definitely place more Basanova stuff on the blog front page. That place IS your ramen dream after all.

  3. Hey you changed the pictures on the title bar. Its about time the Basanova logo was up there, hahaha. looks good yo!

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