Back to normal…

Day 263:

For the most part anyway. I followed up with my doctor today and he said I can go back to eating ramen, sparingly. Woohoo! But I was still craving that curry from Kusamura. It was good, but I think I was craving it so bad that it didn’t live up to my expectations.

Back at work, it was a busy Saturday and I managed to get through it without any ill effects. Thanks go out to my coworkers for having my back! 助かりました!

Please excuse the mess…

2 Replies to “Back to normal…”

  1. Hi Philip! Thanks for the comment. Unfortunately I don't have any info statewise on opening up a yatai. If it's recipes your looking for I'm afraid I can't really help you at this time. But perhaps in the future! I would love to help ramen expand in Florida. I heard it's scarce there.

  2. Konnichi-wa Keizo-san,

    I had just recently found your blog on google while I was looking up how to make a yatai so I could start up my own business here in Orlando, Florida.

    I am currently a college student here in Florida studying Anthropology. I decided to study anthropology because of my love for people and the interesting cultures that have defined all of our nations. However, Japan has to be one of my greatest loves, right next to my girlfriend lol!

    I haven't found the time to read all of your entries, but I plan to. You seem to have an incredible life, and your honorable sense of passion. It's very inspiring! I hope you're also feeling better!

    I was curious if you had any information on how I could make my own yatai so I could eventually make and sell ramen. This is part of my plan that I hope could help me earn enough money to open up my own noodle and tea house here in Florida.

    I know you're a busy man still recovering, so I understand if you cannot reply.

    Have a good week!



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