Day 264:

10:53 AM me: moca! so u want to go to the museum?
 Moca モカ: wahh
10:54 AM it doesnt matter
  its just really hot outside
  me: yesh
10:55 AM Moca モカ: no ramen!
  tell me an area
  and i will find us healthy food
10:56 AM my specialty
  me: lets go ride a roller coaster
 Moca モカ: where/.?

11:02 AM 
me: tokyo dome
Moca モカ: ok
  ooo lets met in iidabashi
  i like it there
  for lunch
  and then we can go to the dome
11:11 AM me: ok
  if the dome doesn’t look worth it we can find something else in the area
  and go eat ramen
11:12 AM Moca モカ: NOOOOOOOO ramen

On a hot Tokyo summer day, leave it to moca to steer me away from ramen and find me a healthy washoku 和食 meal instead.  This meal was definitely healthy and it tasted much better than those vegan places she’s taken me to in the past. (Not that those vegan places were bad or anything.) Anyway, I had enough ooey-gooey yamakake stickiness. Let’s head to the dome!!

As you saw from our chat above, I wanted to ride a roller coaster. But hanging out in the dome city turned out to be an amusement in itself.

What amused me most was the line of anime-looking girls waiting to take a picture in the latest purikura photo booths. I can’t believe they get all dressed up just to take a sticker picture.

According to the mob of young girls surrounding the dome, KAT-TUN was having a concert tonight. Hey wait, where’d moca go??


After rescuing moca from Doraemon’s belly, we decided to momentarily beat the heat with a green tea soft serve.

Alright, enough stalling. It’s time for some thunder!

The ride was short, but it was just what I needed. Although I’m not sure moca felt the same way. haha.

Okay, let’s get out of this heat!

On my way to work I stopped by Fukuju for their Gomoku Ramen (sorry moca, had to do it).

Sweeter than the regular ramen, it wasn’t what I thought it would be. But it was cheap. Not like that really matters.

Work was the same. I love Bassanova and I hope I can work there for at least another year, but I need a new challenge to take my mind elsewhere. Hmm, I have an idea…

4 Replies to “NOOOOOOOO ramen…”

  1. I expected, “Alright, enough stalling. It's time for some thunder!”

    …to read, “Alright, enough stalling. It's time for some RAMEN!

    Glad to see you looking healthy and taking time off work!


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