Hangin’ with gramps…

Day 267:

This is my third time hanging out with gramps at my secret ramen-ya. Yeah, I’ve started to call him gramps because he seems to treat me like the grandson he never had and plus he feels like the gramps I’ve never had. He’s one cool old dude.

I ordered the gyoza and was surprised to see that he wraps each one upon being ordered.

And that explains why they taste so fresh.

Although I was craving the shoyu ramen, I decided to go with the gomoku soba. I was curious to see his version of it.

And that’s when gramps brought me some cold tofu on the house.

Did you hear? Gramps is letting me work here on my days off beginning 8/3! He said he’ll teach me everything on the menu! And since this is not just a ramen shop, I’ll be able to learn how to cook other things like curry, stir-fry, etc. I feel so fortunate.

Thanks gramps!

12 Replies to “Hangin’ with gramps…”

  1. 今場所探しに頑張ってるよ。でも良い場所が見つからない。SF downtownを狙ってるけど、高い!

  2. This post kind of brings a tear to my eye. I'm sure it feels good for him to have a student, someone who is so interested in food. Can't wait to see more of your posts under his “tutelage”!

  3. @MRatito: Thanks! I'm just very lucky.

    @Jay: りょうかいです。笑 元気?頑張ってますか?

    @Ken: Thanks!

    @wall st. pundit: yeah, he's been at it for 50 years. it must get lonely being by himself all day.

  4. it sounds like gramps will be training you in hopes of passing on the reigns someday. good luck.

    -wall st. pundit

  5. Good for you Keizo!

    I can't imagine you will be making Chuka-don, Niraliver and other traditional ramen-ya Teishoku. You definitely need to master Chahan!

  6. Working on your day off? You are obsessed!

    No, really, this is another great opportunity. I'm happy for you, and happy for those of us reading the blog. Your life just keeps getting more and more interesting.

  7. Hey Paul, that's awesome! Thanks for the encouraging words. good luck with the blog and I'll be looking forward to reading your posts. i'll hit u up if i ever make it to Iwate!

  8. Hey Man,
    Just want to say thanks for making this blog. It has even inspired me to work as a volunteer on weekends at my favorite ramen shop in town (Hanamaki).
    I have started a blog about my ramen encounters as well called “Iwate Ramen”. Although its only early days, I hope I can take it as far as you have taken yours.
    Keep supporting the cause brother!

  9. wooow keizo….

    you met many wonderful person along your journey…..

    this is just like a movie you know… the time when the main character met all the person that will share their knowledge and dream… i think the old man is sharing his dream with you… like Harada-san share his dream to you and your team

    okay… i think i watch too many cooking films….

    Indonesian people would say this to encourage people “Semangat Keizo!!!”

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