Uncovering history…

Day 268:

I always wondered what was beneath the tape in our tsukesoba photo that hangs on the wall. I heard before that the tsukesoba used to be a collabo between Jiraigen and another ramen shop, but I never knew the name of that other ramen shop. Until now!

Ahh…Anaya. So there’s the truth. Bassanova’s tsukesoba was created from a collaboration between Basaraka, Jiraigen, and Anaya.

And what do you know, Anaya (嗟哉) still exists to this day in Hatsudai so Shuga and I decided to go check it out.

Immediately, I notice a connection. The lady in red is wearing a Jiraigen Black Friday cap. If only I could find out the exact details of the collabo.

Anaya is another one of those shops that changes once the sun goes down. Anaya by day and Pork Noodle Naito by night.

Anaya makes its own noodles. And the whole reason behind the collabo must have been so Bassanova could use their noodles for the tsukesoba. Once again, I wish I could find out more details.

I ordered the regular tsukemen, which is a blend of tonkotsu and fish, similar to how we do it at Bassanova. Although Anaya does use more tonkotsu to make the broth thicker.

Shuga ordered the wadashi tsukemen, which contains no tonkotsu. Funny, this tsukemen tastes exactly like Jiraigen’s. I think Jiraigen still uses the same noodles too.

The noodles aren’t bad and I could sort of imagine how they would taste with our tsukesoba.

But all in all, I think Mikawaya’s noodles are better. They have a better chew.

The chashu-don (left) and the kakuni-don (right) weren’t very impressive either. Anyhow, I’m glad to have uncovered a bit of history about Bassanova. Next mission: Get the details!!

It’s hard to imagine, but I haven’t had a drop of alcohol enter my bloodstream for the past nine days. Yes, crazy! Well now that my body is fully recovered, it’s time to make up for it! haha.

There’s nothing like a relaxing night with free beer…

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