Spare me some ribs…

Day 270:

めんそーれ!That’s Okinawan for ‘welcome.’ I’ve probably told you that I live near Okinawa Town several times now and you probably remember Syuri Seimen from my visit last year…or not.

I’m not sure why I don’t go here more often. The Souki Suba is actually quite good.

Souki, the mouthwatering Okinawan spare rib shown below, is tender, juicy, and well-marinated.

The handmade Okinawan noodles aren’t exactly what you’d find in a ramen, but then again Okinawan soba ain’t exactly ramen. I should probably go here more often since it’s so close. Wait, on second thought…nah.

Time for a watermelon popsicle.

After work, Shuga and I walked over to Ichiryu to pay our respects. Due to some unforeseen circumstances, they will be closing their doors tomorrow…forever.

Yeah, we’ll miss hanging out and enjoying a few laughs after work, but Kawagoe-san (middle) is off to pursue some more exciting endeavors.

Like trying to perfect his homemade curry. “Excuse me, can I please get a spoon?”

“Thanks! But only one will do.”

Good luck Kawagoe-san!! I will call upon you when you’re ready to make the big move…

2 Replies to “Spare me some ribs…”

  1. Great looking okinawa soba there Keizo. Hope to have some when I'm due to visit home this December. It's been like nine years! Anyhow when I drop by Tokyo for a few days on the flight back hope to see you at Basanova. I know that sounds like ages from now but… 🙂

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