The lucky one…

Day 274:

Even with my recent string of bad luck, I feel like I’ve been pretty lucky overall. So after an intense workout at the gym, I thought I’d head on back to Ichifuku (一福), a.k.a. Lucky One, in hopes of continuing my lucky streak and preventing the bad.

I’ve said before that they’re signature Irori Ramen (囲炉裏麺) is solid and I’ll say it again. It’s solid!

I feel like my list of favorite ramen shops in Tokyo is finally starting to come together. Ichifuku would definitely be top 5 and I would highly recommend this ramen for you to try.

Trust me, it’s good. And the staff here is fantastic! As I got up to leave, the old-lady-ramen-chef sincerely thanked me for finishing the entire bowl. I guess I can now forgive her for not telling me what those crunchy things were. haha.

Back at Bassanova, I decided to change things up and go with the Tondaku Garlic Soba.

I guess I am pretty lucky…

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