Back to the 21st century…

Day 276:

It’s been a long time since I had a TV. Not that I’ve had much time to watch one, but today I finally received a TV of my own. And a really nice TV at that. My wonderful cousin Melissa was giving me her spare so I was off to Gotanda to pick it up. But before I could leave the platform, I needed some fuel.

Yes, I know. A soba house located on the platform of a train station is not the ideal place to enjoy a bowl of ramen, but I hadn’t eaten all day and my body was yearning for some calories after a tough morning workout. Plus, it was only 390 yen. No comment on how it tasted though. haha.

After a brief chat with my cousin and aunt to catch up on current events over a cup of tea, it was time to lug the TV back to my apt during rush hour. Fun, fun, fun…but well worth it!

I have a TV!!!

Later, I was off to hang out with photographer, videographer, producer and television personality, Michael McAteer. I first met Michael when he came into Bassanova back when Blackmarket was visiting. Ever since then he’s made a weekly trip from his home in Kyoto to partake in a weekly TV show and enjoy a bowl every now and then. Michael is one cool dude. After all, he’s even made a cameo in The Ramen Girl.

Anyway, we hung out at El Barril, a.k.a. spain bar, and just basically got to know each other in hopes of being able to work together in the future. Hmm…could there be a series of ramen films on the horizon???

I’d have to say that I meet some of the most amazing people through the power of ramen. Amazing…

4 Replies to “Back to the 21st century…”

  1. @la_jim: naw it wasn't downtown. i forget what show it was. i was just happy to have a tv. haha.

    @mihoko: i practically grew up in gotanda. that's where my relatives live.

    @EK: dude, i can't afford cable. haha.

  2. Gotanda is where I am staying right now until I move! I know the very exact soba shop on the platform!

  3. To bad the Soba was not happening, good Soba in LA is
    tough to find at any price. Is that “DownTown” on your
    new TV?

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