Ramenate dogg!!

Day 277:

I couldn’t remember the last time I hung out with Nate. Luckily I have a blog that remembers for me. Damn, has it really been almost two months?! Well, Nate’s been busy finishing up his phd and getting ready to move back to the states at the end of the month. Yes, it’ll be a sad day once he leaves, but I’m excited for him. Anyway, call up Brian and let’s go do what we do best!

Nate wanted to go to Shinasobaya Koya (支那そば屋 こうや) in Yotsuya after meeting the owner at a local bar one night. It’s an old-school shop that isn’t afraid to try something new. Apparently, the owner takes time to travel through Asia every year looking for new ingredients and recipes.

Nate ordered the からいからいそば (spicy spicy soba), which was beyond spicy.

Brian and I went for the more signature Wontonmen (雲呑麺).

Wow, this was a surprisingly good bowl. The noodles didn’t stay firm for long, but luckily I’ve had training in the art of hyper-slurp.

The wontons were plump, juicy, and addictive. The bowl came with five, but I still wanted more.

Afterwards, the three of us decided to chill for a bit to catch up on each others lives while we ate dessert at Choco Cro. Nate, I can’t believe your leaving Japan. ちょっと寂しくなって来た。 You better not leave before coming into Bassanova one last time!

Today was my late day, so after parting with Brian and Nate, I went home to take a quick nap then headed out to Rinki in Nishieifuku.

I came for their chashu ramen, but quickly got suckered into trying the special Ebisu Reimen (海老寿冷麺).

In case you didn’t know, reimen is another word for cold noodles. And this reimen topped with shrimp was very refreshing.

But I still wanted some chashu, so I ordered the Chashu-don to satisfy my craving.

Ahhh…time for work…

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